The Ortus Club

Executive Knowledge Sharing

The Ortus Club hosts enjoyable and constructive events for the C-level

Upcoming Events

The Dua Lunch

Sydney | 13th of March 2018

The Ivy Dinner

Paris | 14th of March 2018

The Kara Dinner

Frankfurt | 15th of March 2018

The Mina Lunch

Melbourne | 19th of March 2018

The Cybersecurity Luncheon

Singapore | 21st of March 2018

The Linus Dinner

London | 22nd of March 2018

The Seva Lunch

Auckland | 22nd of March 2018

The Cass Dinner

Sydney | 27th March 2018

Private Knowledge Sharing Groups

The CIO Group

Philippines, Manila

The CFO Group

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

The CEO Group

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The CTO Group

Singapore, Singapore

Past Events

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The Rena Dinner

New York | 25th January 2018

The CX Dinner

London | 5th December 2017

The Nova Dinner

Shanghai | 28th November 2017

The Seris Lunch

Kuala Lumpur | 21st November 2017

The Ellis Dinner

Kuala Lumpur | 20th November 2017

The M-Club Breakfast

London | 15th November 2017

The Asta Dinner

London | 14th November 2017

The Tera Dinner

Manila | 18th October 2017

The CX Dinner

Singapore | 5th October 2017

The Kaia Dinner

Singapore | 3rd October 2017

The Arie Dinner

Sydney | 31st August 2017

The CX Dinner

Sydney | 29th August 2017

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