Private Knowledge Sharing Groups

Work on your business challenges with others who have just solved them

The Format

The peer advisory groups were born off the back of our Ortus events. Attendees requested a forum that meets more regularly and offers the opportunity to dive further into some of the issues and challenges being discussed at the dinner table.

The groups aims to bring together successful executives across a broad array of industries on a more regular basis. The goal is  to help members help each other improve their businesses and solve their problems through confidential knowledge sharing.

The Members

Each group is carefully created to provide a relaxed and constructive environment where knowledge sharing can flourish. A typical group will consist of 20 members that meet once every two months.

Members are selected carefully to match seniority, size of organisation and function. This way we ensure similar challenges are shared amoungst our group members.

The Moderator

Our moderators, many of whom are former executives themselves, expertly facilitate and steer the discussions.

The role of the moderator is to make sure value is driven from each and every session and that it’s benefiting every member,  as well as encouraging knowledge sharing to occur between meetings.

Our Current Groups

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