A discussion on the advantages of
starting operations in Singapore



3:00 to 6:00 PM // 29TH MAY 2018 // ROBINSON’S CYBER SIGMA


Hosted by:


Build your Business: The Singapore Movement


As a global superpower, Singapore continues to take the lead in attracting global investors and companies in doing business within its jurisdiction. With a tech-friendly market and a strong talent pool, starting and expanding businesses in Singapore has become a popular option for start-up enterprises and established multinational corporations around the world.

But even with these overwhelming opportunities present, penetrating an unfamiliar market requires thorough discussion and study. It brings up concerns regarding culture, government policies, and new business processes. With foreign direct investments moving towards the lucrative ASEAN market, it is noteworthy to examine how companies can prepare in entering a booming economy like Singapore and using it as a springboard to penetrate Asia and the world.

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Attendance was complimentary, but was open only to executive decision makers of prominent firms in Manila, and was subject by approval.