The Ortus Club

Executive Knowledge Sharing

The Ortus Club hosts enjoyable and constructive events for the C-level

Upcoming Events

The CX Dinner

Sydney | 10th of October 2019

Past Events

The Veda Dinner

Manila | 24th of May 2018

The Cybersecurity Luncheon

Manila | 24th of May 2018

The Aryan Lunch

Singapore | 23rd of May 2018

The Demi Dinner

Singapore | 25th of April 2018

The CX Dinner

Singapore | 24th of April 2018

The Siera Dinner

Singapore | 19th of April 2018

The Meso Dinner

Singapore | 12th of April 2018

The Rena Dinner II

Washington DC | 10th of April 2018

The Lexa Dinner

Singapore | 10th of April 2018

The Mia Dinner

Singapore | 5th of April 2018

The Rhea Lunch

Singapore | 29th of March 2018

The Cybersecurity Luncheon

Singapore | 21st of March 2018

Discussion Groups

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